Thursday, 5 August 2010

Fabric Bowls

These were SO much fun to make, and are so stinking cute. They are fabric bowls the kiddo's made. We are definitely going to make more for holiday presents this year. (it's hard to tell in the picture, but Zephyr's on the left had a space-themed design on the outside, with the planets on inside)

I'm a 'Fabric Junky'
Before having children, when expendable income was more abundant, I use to spend hours at fabric shops pouring over designs I just HAD to have. Not knowing exactly why I had to have, but now they are being put to good use.

This project doesn't need a lot of fabric, so any scraps you have lying around will work perfectly. Before assuming you have no fabric at all, check any clothing your children may have outgrown. Their favourite dress or shirt they have have outgrown would be perfect for this project. (they can use the bowl later to stash tiny things in!). Also, old tea towels with fun patterns would work nicely. If, after all that, you don't find any fabric scraps to use, then try looking through the clothing racks at charity shops. Ladies shirts and dresses are often made of pretty fabrics. Oh, and there's always people giving away fabric bits on Freecycle. If still no luck, then head to the fabric store (woohoo!)

Other than fabric scraps, you need some decoupage glue, paint brushes, sharp scissors, and cling film.You can use fancy decoupage glue like ModgePodge, or just make your own using plain old school glue diluted with a bit of water so it's a bit runny.

Instead of trying to give you instructions, I'm going to post where I found the tutorial here ----> DIY Fabric Bowl.The only thing I will suggest differently is that in the linked instructions, she suggests you let the creation dry completely before removing your bowl. This didn't work for me, based on the bowl shape we used. However, I was able to remove the bowl whilst the project was still pliable and wet, and I didn't ruin anything.

These make great candy dishes, and if you make the candy yourself, how lovely a present is that!
Oh, and the best part is how much fun your kids will have making these. Not to mention how many hours they'll spend afterwards just quietly peeling the glue from their fingers and hands (yes! I did enjoy the silence :)

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